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Limefreak's Final Fantasy X Tv Review

Rated: 7

Humor of Final Fantasy Ten:

Ok i'am going to put this as easy as possible there was almost no funny parts of Final Fantasy 10 because first of all Tidus needs to get back home he's probably worried and wants to go home and finish his blitzball career.Second Yuna's supposedly going to die i don't think that is very humorous do you?!?!?But,there was only two parts that were sort of funny but,what was weird is i didn't even laugh because i was thinking what are they going to say next???????????
This is not a humorous game so if anyone tells you otherwise they are crazy and have never played this game or any of the Final Fantasy series titles......

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Limefreak's Rurouni Kenshin Tv Review

Rurouni Kenshin

Rated: 7

Humor of Rurouni
i think that it's pretty funny how Kaoru is always hitting kenshin for doing nothing she's so funny though i mean she acts like she hates everyone but, really she is a kind and gentle person.....
I think it's pretty funny how Kenshin had a problem with getting his face unstuck from the "battle face"
hahah kaoru hit him there too!
hm...................... i think that that is about it ... yeah i think so well anyway i think that Kenshin is a great story and anime but there wasn't that much humor i give it a 5! what about you what do you think???????????????????????????????
there are a lot of thing about Rurouni Kenshin i like i mean i could talk all day bout the series it's just my finger's are gettin somewhat tired..........! hahah...

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Limefreak's Disgaea Tv Review


Rated: 8

Humor and Fun of Disgaea Hour of Darkness:

There was alot of humor and funny things about Disgaea.
One-The Prinnies saying Dude after every sentence they said.
Two-Someone takes a pic of Laharl while changing and photocopies it all over the Netherworld and threatens to post even more unless he fights him/her.
Three-Gordan and Jennifer are the funniest looking heros i've ever seen but they have this funny robot named Thursday and he's always saying Blip Bleep Blip after he says what he wants.There are also these demons that try to flirt with Laharl and he get's all freaked out by them and get's poisoned by them!!!!!!!! It was really funny you had to play it to know what i mean.

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